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Thursday, May 8, 2008

JDrama and Musing

A thread popped up on the Tower that linked to a Japanaese Drama show that's being posted on YouTube called "Last Friends." I watched the first episode last night and I really like it! It has a lot of Sailor Moon subtle refrences and the acting is good. So far, the characters are a lot of fun. I highly suggest you check out the first episode. :3

Sometimes I wonder about where my Sailor Moon obsession would stand if it weren't for the internet. I am pretty sure I would've made Sailor Astera (or some kind of otaku senshi) if I hadn't found sites like Sailor Orion's Refuge, but I highly doubt I would've written two full fics for her, or continued to develop more senshi. Not to mention the growing collection. Without eBay where would I be?! XD

Sometimes I think about my 'internet' friends and get all mushy inside. I've gotten really close to a few people over the years, and even the ones that aren't in the fandom anymore are still really special to me.

Sailor Moon has had a really positive influence in my life. It might sounds kind of silly really, but there's a doctrine of how I basically want to live built into the Sailor Moon story: try your best, love your friends, believe in yourself and everyone around you, take every opportunity to wear a miniskirt. :P

I really need to start that Sailor Moon religion I've been planning. >_>


At May 27, 2008 at 5:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ecliptic Empire would be nowhere as complicated as it is without the internet. Seriously. It wouldn't be accurate without it either. No eBay to get my manga or sites like the Oracle. It also wouldn't have even started as my old 1999 RPG on Moonfire D;

God bless the internet *bows*


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