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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dolls + Cosplay Updates

So, it's been a while. Sorry about that - I forget sometimes that I have this thing :3

Steve (my husband) is working on a new snazzy layout for SSC! *claps* I hope it can go up soon! It will include this blog as a main page update thing that's also available as an RSS feed. So that's sweet.

I recently bought 5 new SM dolls from Kashy on the Tower. All four of the outers with accessories plus Chibi Moon. I'm THRILLED. I never thought I'd get a hold of a nice Saturn doll, but this one is just beautiful. <3 I set them up on the top shelf of the display, but the whole thing looks really cluttered. I am going to have to talk Steve into getting me some more IKEA shelves.

ConnetiCon is next weekend! I'm going down for a day (maybe two) to see Lori (OMG YEY) with my friend Lisa from work. I will bring a costume, probably Dark Astera. I really hope Syrin comes soon... there's a few things I'm sure I will have to tweak before Otakon the second weekend of August. I REALLY wanted to find a pretty tiara for her, but nothing I found really sang to me. T__T Oh well, Syrin doesn't HAVE a tiara anyway, so I don't really need one. I just worry that without the bows and without the tiara, people won't know I'm a Sailor Senshi ^^;

Her wheels are coming along okay. I just suffered a minor set back this weekend when I chopped into my finger with a serrated knife. ^_^;

Mum (my mother in law) and I have been working on a dress for the last week on my new sewing machine. It's soooo tight and sexy and short, and I LOVE it. I can't wait to try it on! We have to do the armpit and bottom hem and put in the zipper and it will be done. I am planning on cosplaying Esmeraude (Emerald) with it, though I won't have pointy boots. I am going to try to make her crazy necklace though! And some Evil Black Crystal earrings of course :3 I bought a green wig on eBay; not as long as it should be really but it should be fun anyway. It will be nice to cosplay a character people actually know at least ;P

The Infinity Volume was up on eBay for a BIN of $495. I wanted it so bad.
Steve said no.



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