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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More fun things on eBay

Holy Effing Goddess Almighty.

This is insane. I want it. But not for that much! DAMN. T_T

More awesome stuff that I cannot afford at this time:
  • This beautiful Saturn doll - I have no idea if it's worth what they are asking, and I wouldn't pay it if I had it, but she sure is pretty. :3
  • Sailor Yell - get it here or here, but if you are smart you will go for the first one ;P
  • The Bandai Musical DX Collection - in the box, in all its glory
  • This totally hot Crystal Star - in the box even. My gods, it's pretty *_*
  • Drooooool - *reach, reach, fail* T_T
  • Eternal Tier - Out of the box. I think that's asking too much, imho. >_> *grumbles because she can't have it anyway*

Stuff I'm actually considering buying/bidding for:
  • Still watching this Chibi Moon Petit in case it gets relisted.
  • I have inquiries here and here about photos of the semi-transparent sheet. I am also asking for a photo of the back lower left corner of the book. Obviously the first one is a better deal if it's legit. I still have to replace III and IV. *cries*
  • This very pretty Eternal Sailor Moon, with box. Leaning heavily to this one right now.
  • The PGSM bracelet set. Mostly just because I've always wanted it.
  • Three outer senshi dolls, but I'm mostly interested in the Sailor Team Neptune and Uranus.
  • I do not own the Moon Kaleidoscope yet...
  • Cute first season brooch that works.
  • This Esmeraude doll, just cause ;P
  • I've never seen this Pegasus figure before... Anyone know anything about it? Is it really worth that much??
  • Another PGSM item I always wanted it the phone set.
  • This more reasonably priced Sailor Yell is a serious consideration for me. Most of my toys are out of boxes already and this is a pretty rare item. *ponders*
  • A Star Healer Petit. I should try to get all of these eventually...
  • I don't think I could spend $100 on it, but I would like to own the PGSM tamborine toy someday.
If I had priorities, maybe I could figure out which one of those I want. <_< I will probably decide as they come close to ending. But I'm thinking of doing a big ticket item this time around. Do you guys have any opinions? ^_^; That Eternal Moon Doll is really pretty. The Sailor Yell is also VERY tempting. Of course, I will get the Vol I if it comes back legit. Replacing my bootlegs is a priority now.

There are a lot of cards up right now, if anyone's into them. Personally, I haven't gotten excited about the cards, but there might come a day.

I posted two new things in the DA gallery today, just two more Petits. I have a new 1000 Edition poster to show you too, but the damn frames are out of stock at ACMoore, so it will have to wait. ;P


At November 25, 2008 at 9:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i need your help i am doing a wikipeada sort of style but with sailor moon websites and fanficon. instead of wikimoon wich just dose sailor mooon info. but i need your help becouse i do not know much about your site. some peaple i am thinking of making modters like peaple at chibiland. if you are liking the idea then i will send you the link

At November 26, 2008 at 2:33 PM , Blogger Sakky said...

Wikimoon does have Wikimoon Web:

I'd love to see the project you are working on though. ^_^

At November 30, 2008 at 7:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

mine is smimler but moine is for sailor moon websites like there add webs on wikipeadea. and you can add your own senshi. and write info about him/her on it and have a photo of that senshe in the coner like there do on wikipeadea

if you see what i mean

im am having abit of uploading troble. and i have not got a demoin yet but it a start i supose


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