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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sailormoon World Musical Doll

She arrived today!

Isn't she lovely?! I paid $176.50 for her. To date, I believe that makes her the most expensive doll I own. I still consider that to be an excellent deal and I stand by my early stance that this is a REALLY good time to be buying things!

I really just with the big eBay sellers would catch on and lower their damn prices so I can get my Eternal Article already! *shakefist*

Does anyone know if they made one of these for each of the girls that played Moon? If so, wow - I've got a long road ahead. xD I really like the hair on this doll, it's super pretty and her face is really cute. She doesn't appear to have a stand or a wand. Should she? I think it's a little weird that Super Moon is on the box but isn't this an Eternal fuku? Funny packaging is funny.

The original price tag is still on it: ¥3,000, haha.

So, that puts me back into the debt hole. I have a few things for sale still. Those sales will help a little and then Another Anime Convention is in October. I'm in the Artists Alley and I have a ton of Sailormoon related stuff to sell. Trouble is, I don't have much of any other anime so I really need to gear up my game if I'm going to appeal to a wider market.

I also got a Bandai Asia Prism Heart Compact the other day to replace the Italian one I have. The Italian one is in better condition, but I really want to have the Chinese or Japanese RPG toys. I just like the boxes better. I figure I can always upgrade later.

I've got a few 6" dolls and some other trades on their way to me so check my DA later for those updates. I don't expect to make any more large purchases between now and after AAC (though I am really eying that Star Wand on eBay for a BIN of $150 >_>).



At November 24, 2010 at 11:13 PM , Anonymous Brant said...

Hi Sakky

Funny enough, I just came across your website while searching for the Sailor Moon World Chibi Crisis Compact!

OH Btw, I am in Boston MA too! How funny is that?

To answer your question, Only Eternal (Musical) Sailor Moon was sold as a single doll, and she came without her eternal wings.

However, there was a Limited Edition DX Collection that came with all 5 Inner Senshi in a complete box.

They also offered Eternal Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon in individual boxes at 6" tall, along with the inner senshi collection and outer senshi collection.

I hope that helps! Great work on your restorations btw!

At November 25, 2010 at 12:02 AM , Blogger Sakky said...

Thanks Brant!! I think I have almost all of them now. I need Saturn and Chibimoon and I'd like to replace my Super Moon because she's pretty beat up. I also need the DX1 set of inners still :D


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