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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Collection Update and Sales

First up, I have a few items for sale, prices do not include shipping. They are:
Japanese Tuxedo Kamen Figure - unopened, $7
Set of long face Irwin light up tiara dolls - $45 for the set
CHIX pocket manga volume 2 - $15 OBO
CHIX pocket manga volume 1 - $25 OBO
Irwin 2001 Sailor Uranus doll with weapon, wand and stand - $35
Irwin 2001 Sailor Neptune doll with weapon, wand and stand - $35
Irwin 1995 "Silver" Sailor Pluto doll - $12
Irwin 17" Sailor Moon doll - $16
Unopened Sailor Moon 11.5" Irwin doll in yellow box - $20
Eternal Sailor Moon boots - $10

After my big haul in August I decided not to buy anything else until I paid back all that stuff. What I did pick up was just lovely! Here's the best of the more recent purchases:

Thrilled about this gem, only $70. Certainly got a deal here and I am very grateful for it. These dolls are incredibly detailed and very lovely. I especially like that it comes with an Eternal Teir. Someday I will snag the other Mini set that I don't have and this shelf will be very happy indeed.

Massive win here as well since this lovely item only set me back $80. I haven't activated it yet because it's still very well packaged and I do want to keep it in the best condition possible. Eventually I might be prone to at least popping some batteries in it to see it light up, but for now I'm just content to HAVE it.

The little figures inside are still in their plastic bag and the top is still wrapped in plastic. It's in really amazing condition! I was considering buying an unopened one from a dealer at Anime Boston this April but now I don't have to. Not only does that save me an awful lot of money, it also saves me the worry about not wanting to open the box because I want to look at the shiny. ^o^

This box is in such a faded condition that I'm not even displaying it (I've put it away for safe keeping). Fortunately, the item itself didn't suffer terrible light damage - only the bottom part has oranged in the front. I plan to paint it so that it looks restored but I fear there is nothing I can do for the box. In the long run, I will likely try to find another one with a nicer box (preferably a HK or Japanese edition) and sell this one.

Sad that it happened though. Light damage is really one of the easiest things to prevent. Protect your collectibles! Store them in low light areas! <3

This wall scroll is probably a bootleg since there's no copyright info on it, but it is a really cool scroll! I need to find somewhere to hang it since I really like it. ^o^

I got lots of other great things from this same sale. You can see all my latest items (as well as many older items that I just hadn't got around to posting til now) in my DeviantArt gallery. Hopefully soon I will have a new site and domain up to show case the collection! I need to get off my lazy bum and get to work on that :P

I am all caught up with uploading old items to the DA gallery with the exception of some cards that I haven't sorted out yet. I have a few commission payments that are clearing at the end of this month so it looks like I will be
back on the buying trail towards the beginning of October. Mmmmm buying...


At July 29, 2011 at 4:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there :)
I know this post was from a while ago, but I am wondering if any of the items on your list of stuff for sale is still up for grabs? I'm trying to complete a set of Sailor Moon dolls with light up tiaras. I need Jupiter and Mercury... Thank you! <3

At July 29, 2011 at 7:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

O btw, my email address is, if you want to contact me :p


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