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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Basking in Victory


I just LOVE getting something when I've been after it for years. Of course, there's the thrill of a big ticket item that you've saved up for, but sometimes the small stuff can be as or more exciting when you've been on the hunt for so long.

PGSM Jupiter Purse. It will finally be mine! I've been after this darn thing since I won the first one at the Sailor Moon Fan Panel at Otakon 07. I was quick to find Moon, Venus, and Mars soon after, but Jupiter continued to evade my searches. I have a friend that has one. I offered her $100 (because I'm insane). I offered her 4 custom plushies, but she could not be bribed.

I waited and I waited and FINALLY the power of the moon has prevailed!! $35 later, my PGSM Jupiter purse along with the promotional poster for the set is coming my way!

Ohhhh the thrill of the catch.



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