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Monday, July 27, 2009

It's HERE *_*

My Materials Collection arrived today! OMG It's BEAUTIFUL! I knew it was a paperback, but for some reason I was picturing this flimsy thing, but nooooo it's big like the regular artbooks. OMG IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! *_* I am totally in love. It's in a great condition too! Just the tiniest bend along the top of the dust jacket but inside it's PERFECT and SO AWESOME. D: I AM SO HAPPY! *joy!*

I have gotten a ton of stuff through trades in the last few days and I will be posting pictures soonish. Just waiting for a few more things to arrive before I do a SakkysMoonBag update. I won't be buying anything for a while (mainly because I have to pay back the cost of the new book >_>) but I should be back into hunting down gashapon in a few weeks.

Looking forward to hitting eBay again and making a list of all the things I don't have! :D



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