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Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally! Artbook III

I finally got it: Sailormoon Artbook Vol III

I hope it's real, I really do. T____T

I also put a bid on this one, but that auction has like 8 days left so I am sure someone will out bid me. At least, I hope they do! :O All though having two sure is better than having none :)

I've been staying off eBay because I haven't been taking commissions for a while and I don't have the money to blow. However, someone recently gave me some Sailormoon stuff in exchange for art so I was able to sell that stuff to buy the book. The other item I've been watching for months is the Chibimoon Petite which I still plan to buy...eventually, when I can commit to the $10. u_u

I have to take a new photo of the collection because I've gotten a few things since the last photo. I'm having trouble because that room is an absolute disaster right now as it's doubling as an art studio. I have a fine art show in June so once that's up I can start taking commissions again and buying more stuff.

I think I am going to start focusing on the wands and toys now. I'd like to save up and get some of the really high end priced items. It's always good to have a goal because then you can focus on saving up for that special item. So, starting in June, my target items will be:

Materials Collection - It's poped up TWICE since I've been broke, gosh that makes me mad.
A Sailor Jupiter plushie - any really, since I don't have any of her.
Star Henshin Wand - because yes, it's pricy
Crystal Star Locket - Since I've always really wanted it, but it comes up so rarely I'm not optimistic
Disguise Pen - Because I think it's one of the coolest toys

Is it horrible of me to think things like, "I'm glad there is a recession because the Sailormoon toys are cheaper and more people are willing to sell them"? I feel like an opportunist. But really I'm just an obsessive freak :D

Incidentally, if anyone has the PGSM Jupiter purse: I want it real bad. D:<

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At April 17, 2009 at 5:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi this is Topaz, We briefly meet at otakon. Meg is my friend. but any way. you have some big goals of Sailor moon stuff. If I had a 2nd materials book i would gladly give it to you. I have to go through what I have, I already have a pile of sailor things i do not know what to do with lol

At April 17, 2009 at 9:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Congrats again on the art book! It's me SaturnBun! I will be sure to watch out for Materials Collection book for you!!! I will try to remember the other items you are looking for, too! Though I hope if/when I find them you will have the money! ^^; I know how disappointing it is when you see something you wants so badly slip by b/c of money T_T I have spent too much lately buying SM stuff but... I find it too hard to resist if I know it is a great deal!!!!
But I really need to stop for awhile lol... until next paycheck.. ;) *JK!*

At April 20, 2009 at 10:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Sakky! First time replying to your blog, but congratulations on getting your artbook!! I'm still looking for Artbook V myself on ebay, but it is way too expensive!!

I just wanted to inform you about that petite Sailor Chibimoon doll you wanted, I think that is the Chinese version and not the original Japanese one. I have the same doll, but her stand is pink and she came with a silver card with the S season logo on it. I've noticed that alot of the petite series on ebay aren't the Japanese Version, they don't have the Bandai sticker on it as well, the little silver sticker with the Bandai cat head thing on it.

Here is an image of what my doll looked like when I got her, (Note this is not my picture, but a really awesome site on Sailor Moon dolls! Here is the link to that site too:

Wow long post. I'm really into collecting Sailor Moon dolls and when I saw you had a blog off of deviantart, I came here to see what you got! :D

At April 22, 2009 at 6:29 PM , Blogger Sakky said...

Thanks SaturnBun, yeah I know what you mean <33

Sealynn: Ooo thanks for the info! I wonder if all the ones I have are Chinese? If you happen to see this can you take a look:

Looking at those, they have characters on the side instead of the English like the Chibimoon one does "Moon Prism Power MAKE UP!"

Does that make a difference?

At May 7, 2009 at 10:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for taking so long to reply back to you Sakky. That Chibimoon one shouldn't have an English on box doesn't. ^^;

As for your others, I think they all may be the Chinese version. I can't seem to find the little Bandai logo on them, the little silver sticker thing, nor the year, which is usually on the lower left corner, mine says Bandai 1994 on it. Recently I saw a Super Sailor Moon figure that was legit, but I couldn't get it...

There is a really cool Neptune and Uranus from the same series up for bidding though. Here is the link:

I know it's real...but also expensive. >< Anyways good luck! :D


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