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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Eye of the Storm

Since I haven't been taking commissions really, I haven't had any money to buy stuff. So, I've been staying away from places like eBay which temp me with their shiny.

Holly from Moon Collection told me about SeraSell on Live Journal, but I'm so inept at using LJ I fear it might not be that useful to me. But once I have money again, I am sure I will try it out.

I am trying to save up $68 to buy a ton of felt with Pure. Also, I owe DracheaRannak on DA $45 for a commission I'm on a waitlist for. I just cannot resist his sailor art, it's too beautiful. *_* I also still owe my savings account $60. >_> So basically, fail.

Anyway, I've been randomly sad for a few days and I don't want to think it's a Sailor Moon stuff withdrawl because that would mean that I am INSANE, but when DavisJes sent me a Sailor Mercury keychain for my birthday on the 17th I pretty much spazzed.

The reason I've stopped taking commissions is because I need to make artwork for my show in June at Truffles in Milford, MA. I have a solo show there in June. The opening is June 7th from 2-4PM so I have a lot of work to do. It's been great to get back to making 'fine art' but my HOBBIES ARE SUFFERING! >:O

Anyway, I'm not going to look on eBay for all the shiny stuff I can't get right now.

I just wish I could get that last artbook sooner rather than later so I can have some closure.

WHY AM I CRAZY!???!??!?


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