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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Stuff and More eBay

I bought a boxload of stuff from a nice girl named Holly on Facebook. She sold me a set of five Irwin light up dolls, you know the ones with the ugly faces and gold trimmed skirts? I love the outfits and they fact that they light up, even if Irwin's early dolls had really ugly faces. I will get pics of them tomorrow hopefully.

I also go the entire Japanese manga from her, which is basically amazing since I never thought I'd be able to get it all at once, especially for such an amazingly almost obscene low price of $75. (all though, of course today I see it on eBay for $60, BUT WITH $40 SHIPPING WTF?! I guess I win.) I asked her repeatedly if she was *sure* since I know she could probably have gotten a lot more for it in a bidding war.

I also got some gashapon from her that need to be cleaned up. One of them has a bit of a broken leg that needs to be glued back on, and I also have a Chibi Moon doll duplicate now. I have a few other things I will be putting up on eBay soon.

A friend of mine who works at a library gave me a few copies of Newtype magazine from 2002 in Japanese that she had lying around and GUESS WHAT?! There was totally a centerfold Sailor Moon poster! I geeked out.

I am still waiting for some items to come from my friend for an art trade we did a while back, and I also am still waiting for my English manga to be returned to me. Patience is a virtue. I don't have it! :D

I probably won't be buying too much anytime soon since I really need to save up for Animazement. I am going to get some English dubbed DVDs of the first season for my 6-year-old sister so she can watch them. She recently spent a night at my house where I dressed her up in my Sailor Astera costume and she created her own otaku senshi, Star Sailor Moon. She actually refers to BSSM as "Star Sailor Moon" though I am not sure why. ^_^;

As I'm typing how I'm not going to spend any money on SM stuff, I find the Vinyl Sailor Star Maker doll that I am missing. T_T Nyah, I bought it. ^^;

Okay here's all the stuff I am NOT going to buy that's ending soonish:
The Materials Collection - starting at $200.
SailorPrincess - what the crap is this?
Diana Plushie - this is the same wicked cute one that I have.
My Dear Friend - isn't this person basically saying "this is a bootleg" in their description?
The Japanese Manga Re-Release - full set
WTF is this?? - seriously O_o
Cute Mini Mood Rod assembly kit - looks fun :3
Is this person serious? - $144 for 12 keychains?
Artbook 5 - Looks legit :D Starts at $20
Irwin dolls - If I break down and buy anything it will be this. I need to replace my Venus and Mercury and tada, there they are. If it stays kind of low I will proabably bid.

Incidentally, does anyone buy cells? I've never gotten into that because 1) it can be very expensive and 2) I don't think I know enough about them to avoid being scammed. T_T

Okay that's all for now :D


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