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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Animazement & Stuff

Well, my artbook isn't here yet. I know, I know. It's been almost a month, but I did pay the absolute cheapest shipping for it. The seller said it would take about three weeks. It will be four on Sunday. But I'm an optimist! Maybe it will come today! ^_^;

As long as it comes.... someday. T_T

I finished two plushies recently: Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto. I am bringing them with me to Animazement next weekend and putting them in the Art Show. I am thinking about starting them at $25. I think both would sell for at least that, and hopefully people will bid them up a little more. If I get $50 out of it, that at least pays for the con registration.

I hope they let me display my cards along side them.

I'm bringing my new costume (Sailor Xiao) as well as at least one form of Astera, Esmeraude (if I can remake her jewlery), and hopefully I will have Phobos done too. I'm REALLY excited.

Not much on the eBay front since I don't have any commission money coming in. I did just recently get all three movies on DVD from Mika, so that is something I can check off my "to do" list. I had them on VHS, but like Steve said, "VHS is like not even a thing."


I was watching a Materials Collection with sad eyes. I also saw some cute dolls and a Lunaita L that I do eventually want. *sigh*

Patience Sakky. The buying will begin again...


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