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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Naoko Dreams & New Stuff

Dude, I had the coolest dream last night! Okay so in the dream I was at a museum or something and it was like a retrospective of Naoko's work. There were these big watercolor paintings on rice paper that were beautiful. That was kind of the main gallery. Then there was clothing that she had designed and sketches for outfits, and OMG the COOLEST part was a really large book, like 24" tall, that had pages and pages of sketches and notes from the creation of Sailormoon. It had doodles and notes about ideas that Naoko had when writing Sailormoon that never got into the story, like other members of Kakyuu's court and information about the senshi and the Moon Kingdom that never made it into the story. It was like a moonie's dream! I was SO EXCITED. And they had an interview with her as a video and all kinds of cool stuff! *_*

Too bad it was just a dream! D: And in the dream I was there with my two friends and they were so bored :P

In collection news, does anyone have a PGSM Jupiter purse? Like this but, you know, with Jupiter on it? I really want one... :O

Also, I've finally managed to obtain all four Banpresto Amazoness Quartet plushies. CereCere and PallaPalla are on their way home now. I paid a little more for CereCere than I ought to have probably but as we know from past experiences, money is not generally worth much to me in face of pretties. *_* I got VesVes and JunJun at Otakon in 2007 for $25 ea. The girl in front of me bought all the Sailormoon plushies at the table but she missed these two because she didn't look through the boxes under the table. I win. :3

I have been working with people on a few trades. I finally managed to get a hold of all five Irwin plushies of the inners and Moon thanks to some help from Bunny. I had no idea that Sailor Mars was a 'rare find' but apparently she's had to come by these days. I don't even remember when I got her - I think she might have been a really old Hot Topic purchase. xD So that's exciting.

I just got Sailor V volumes 1 & 2 in a trade, so I still need Vol 3 if anyone's selling/trading. That's something I should've bought a long time ago, but I'm a slacker on comics. It's really pretty though, and it's funny to see the characters in a different way.

I'm trying to keep focused on gashapon and plushies right now. My goal was to get the four AQ (check!) and now I'd like to fill in at least two full sets of gashapon (probably 2002 Set #1 and 2004 Set #1). I'm not going to panic about filling the others, though I would eventually like to have them all. Once I'm all set on those, I will probably try to focus on saving up for some more expensive wands and such. I still want some outer senshi plushies, but I'm not sure how willing I am to track them down all at once. I will probably spread them out over a few months.

I do still really want the Lunatia L and tamborine (damn! it sold T_T), but I haven't been able to bring myself to spend that much on it.

Okay that's enough blathering for now. <3


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