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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Confessions of a Collector

I started a mirror of this blog on LiveJournal. I've joined the serasell, sailormoonfans, and smcollector communities over there and I plan to be more active. I'm not terribly familiar with LiveJournal so it's taking some getting used to, but it's very exciting to be connecting with more people who share my (sometimes obsessive) hobbies.

Speaking of my obsessive hobbies, I wonder how many of you can relate. I recently become pretty good friends with a few other active Sailormoon merch collectors. It really feels good to know that I'm not the only one that goes through physical pain in the process of this journey. It's a real emotional roller coaster ride I've gotten on, and sometimes I wonder if it's even very healthy.

I'm very passionate about my hobby. I can understand why a person who has never had this level of devotion to something would think me mad. However, having recently discovered that so many others share the same enthusiastic vigor as I, it's become something of a badge of honor for me.

Yes, I get stomach aches during eBay auctions. Yes, I cry with tears of joy when I FINALLY get a long sought after item. I coo it and show it to everyone and give it a special place, on a special shelf in a SPECIAL room in my house. Yes, it hurts me to think of all the beautiful things I will likely never own. I dream about finding and owning these things. I watch things on eBay that I don't have the money for just to TORTURE MY SOUL. Do I sound like a materialistic psycho that is unhealthily obsessed with a cartoon show from the 90s? YES! YES I DO! ^_____^

I've considered therapy, but in the end I know I don't want it to go away. I want to feel the joys and pains of collecting Sailormoon stuff. It's a metaphor for life! I work hard to achieve those things I want. Sometimes those things are not there to have, and sometimes I don't have what it takes to get them, and sometimes SOMEONE ELSE gets them! BUT I PLOW ON! Determined to make the best of every auction, every yard sale, every dollar store. I will seek out new Sailormoon toys in new locations. I WILL BOLDLY GO WHERE MANY OF YOU HAVE GONE BEFORE.

And I will not refinance my house to buy toys.

Is there anything more you could ask of me!?



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