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Friday, May 22, 2009

Tons of Sailormoon Stuff and BOB

All right, so I'm at Animazement. First things first: there's a dealer here that is selling THE MOST COOLEST Sailormoon stuff. EVA.

I got an Eternal Tier. In the box. It's BEAUTIFUL. And I got a box set of four Sailormoon World dolls of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune. I also bought a Uranus and Neptune gashapon. They are mad cute. :3

Clearly I have spent enough money for the weekend. lol

Okay so the other thing: Bob Betts is here. The creepy, 60-something year old man that runs a certain Sailormoon web site that I don't like. I don't like him or trust him because of things he has said in the past and how rude he has been to me. And he's HERE at the con, walking around with two bunnies in a baby stroller. CREEP. E.

Okay that's all. I'm totally GEEKING OUT. The guy with all the Sailormoon stuff has all three Japanese Starlight dolls in the boxes for $190 for the set. He also has an out of box Spiral Moon Rod that I was going to buy until I saw the Tier. He had VesVes, JunJun, and PallaPalla dolls. Lilly bought JunJun and PallaPalla. Jealous. Those were like $90 ea. And then he also has the Sailormoon change doll and the Chibimoon one, as well as some of the large Excellent Figures and ALL FOUR of the Amazon Quartet Plushies. Oh yah, I'm like splooging all over this poor man. I had to walk away. I was practically in tears xD

All right, I'm going dancin!


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