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Friday, August 21, 2009

More Sailormoon Dreams

I had another Sailormoon related dream last night.

I had been invited to participate in a cosplay photoshoot as Eternal Sailor Mars. In the dream, I arrived at the shoot late and they were already doing action sequences with other characters so they asked me to hurry and get ready. Apparently, I'd brought the wrong shoes (black boots instead of red heels) and I also had the wrong length for gloves (elbow instead of above the elbow).

The person organizing the event (the Venus) was like "Does anyone have any extra gloves? We can just photoshop them red after." And Neptune ran off to find some. And then there was some local banquet or something with all these Polish women. I guess I knew someone there and she asked everyone to take their shoes off and put them out so I could see if any of them were red heels. None of them were and I said thank you in Polish and everyone seemed sad that they couldn't help.

Then I told Venus that I had a pair of red heels at home and it would take me an hour to drive there and back. She told me to go, and on the way home animals kept running out in front of my car. @_@

It was a really weird dream. I usually dream about things I am afraid of, but I have no idea what was up with this dream since it's not like I'm going to a convention anytime soon :P

My other dream last night had to do with a new mole I found yesterday next to my blistering sunburn T_T In the dream it became huge and mutated and I had to go to the Emergency Room. D:

I'm really really really REALLY excited about the new layout that is going to be getting, though it might be a long time before anyone sees it. My husband hasn't even really started making it yet, but I just know it's going to be amazing. He did one mock up before I had decided on art for it and it came out looking a lot like The Oracle's layout. I like their layout of course, but I don't want to look too similar. I want it to have it's own feel, you know?

Incidentally, I will be re-branding the site as instead of Sakura's Senshi Circle. It just makes sense to me now that the site has expanded to include the forums, my blog, CYOOS, and hopefully more stuff in the future.

Maybe I can get that new arc of Astera's story written by Jan to celebrate 10 years :3


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