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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Questions for Naoko

TO CLARIFY: I am not going to be asking Naoko these questions, this is just a hypothetical exercise. ^__^

I posted a tweet asking people if they could ask Naoko Takeuchi, the creator, one question about Sailor Moon, what would it be? Here's the responses I got:

"...what the hell happened to the cape and mask?" @El_Ramses

"Who is Princess Serenity's father? :BBB" @SMObss

"Who the hell fathered Princess Serenity?" @SoapboxingGeek

"i would ask if the 4 generals would be revived from those mamoru stones and if they will live in crystal tokyo" @TheLastSugababe

" Who is Cosmos, really? xD"  ‏@sassypants678

"Who is Sailor Cosmos exactly?" @Sailor_Samara

"i would ask if she is proud to have mothered an anime/manga series that has played a big part in lots of people's lives!" @Meiruechan

"Where did you get the idea for the story and who is Chibi Chibi really?!" @KieliHeart

"THIS! If you were to continue #SailorMoon, would you implement elements from the live action/musicals into the 6th season?" @fredjfrancis

"its probably already been asked/talked about but I would probably ask if she expected sailor moon to last forever and be a huge part of people's lives. Or maybe I would ask how she feels about sailor moon after all these years. Does the popularity of it bother her? Is she sick of it and just want to let it go? It's kind of the reason she could never get into another manga after sailor moon aside from toki meka. I wonder if that annoyed her because she couldn't make anything that would be as good as or better than sailor moon. And now I'm rambling and didn't answer your question at all XD" @pandamakesart

"did she wants create a new Sailor of small planets like Makemake, Eris and the others?" @mitellezr

"If you could expand on any character's story that you liked from the Sailor Moon anime, which would it be?"@LeffieLeFan

"Was Queen Serenity Sailormoon? Are the Princess's senshi mothers her senshi?" and "Where did Naru and Umino disappear to in I believe S? Was Naru finally captured forever by youmas?" @MoonieAddict

"where did queen Serenity come from? Is she a Goddess? Lol xD or do we already know this, & I missed it somewhere?" @Brat_zilla

"OK, I got a question. What were you planning for Chibi Moon? She had the asteroid senshi, surely it was something important." @twotigermoon

"Why didn't a lot of the characters and story lines from StarS manga make it into the anime?" @pewterfoxpysi

"Is there anything you feel you didn't get enough time to expand upon? What would you change about that?"  @LonelyDistance

I will update this if more roll in.   ^__^

And my question for The Princess about her creation? "What do you think about made up Sailor Senshi?" I would love to give her a drawing of my characters with Sailormoon, surrounded by hearts. xD


At July 21, 2012 at 3:52 AM , Anonymous cLm said...

Aaah, someone HAD to ask her 'bout otaku senshi!
Please ask her if she ever thought about making Sailor Phaeton!

At July 21, 2012 at 11:00 AM , Blogger Sakky said...

These are just hypothetical questions for her :3

Since she made the Asteroid Senshi I'm going to guess she wasn't really thinking about the Asteroid Belt as having been a planet. I know a Sailor Phaeton :3

At August 24, 2012 at 5:11 AM , Anonymous Sailor_Samara said...

Wow, thanks for including my question :) I had forgotten about this. I really wish Naoko wasn't so shy, I'd travel so far to meet her if she'd come to a North American con!


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