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Friday, November 12, 2010

November Collection Update

I've been pretty busy buying and selling and trading in the last few weeks. I managed to get a hold of some pretty neat stuff!

But that Eternal Article continues to elude me. :( I found this one recently and immediately made a $200 offer (probably with in just a few minutes of the listing because I've been stalking the crap out of eBay) but the seller and I couldn't come to an agreement on the price. Sorry, I can't really bring myself to spend more than $250 on that locket considering how stupid its sound effects are (and the fact that it has sold for less than $200 in the past six months. Still kicking myself for missing that one...) I just have to keep being patient and believe that it will eventually come to me for the right price at the right time. Ah, it's just so hard to wait. ._.

ANYWAY onto the good stuff. ^o^

This plush wand is so freakin cute. I saw it in a lot with another plushie that I'd already bought for $18 so I decided that I was at least willing to go that high for the lot. It ended at $15.50 and it worked out that the other two plushies in the lot were ones that I didn't have (they were Big Size Moon and Big Size Venus from that weird SMS set of three. So I hopped on eBay and picked up Mercury to complete the set). I want to make a pattern based on it so I can sew my own and make it have sound and light up!! Like I have time to be making random plushies.... haha :P

My next find was this adorable Star Maker Petit. I didn't have any Starlight Petits and this one is in such nice condition, all wrapped in plastic to protect the box. She was $25 which is probably a bit much but at the time I had money to burn and I really wanted a Starlight Petit. I wish it was Healer though, she's my favorite. I have a few other Petits, Moon and the inners, but they aren't all the proper ones with the names on the stands. I might at some point have to start replacing those. I can't seem to find any of the outers so maybe I will end up selling them if I get impatient.

These are my first Dream Pocket dolls. I wasn't planning on trying to start getting this set because I know some of them are really hard to find and they can get pretty expensive. But I got all five of these for $90 so I really could not pass up that opportunity. I mean, when something like that comes along you just go for it, right? Right!

So now at least I have all three of the Starlights! They are adorable dolls. :3

And the best part about the last few days was the Super Awesome Trade of Super Awesome that I did with a member of SeraSell. I traded my extra World Eternal Tier and Moon Chalice (the part that attaches to the Tier) for this:Is it not the most glorious thing you have EVER seen?! What a pretty wand. I'm so happy with it. I really love the crystal on top, though I have no idea why it is pink. You know what the most ridiculous thing is about this wand? It's name. Moon Stick. Really? We couldn't have called it "Silver Crystal Moon Wand" or "Crescent Moon Wand" we just called it "MOON STICK." Blah. I will call it Beautiful :D

So that's all from me this month. I have another restoration project in the works but I'm going to be fairly busy with plushies for a while so I'm not sure when I will get to it. I don't really have much money kicking around right now so I probably won't be making any big purchases unless a really awesome deal comes up. I'm still selling a Spiral Moon Heart Rod and I've got a few random posters and things for sale up on DA but I think the next few weeks are going to be pretty quiet.

But here's hoping they aren't! ^o^

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At November 12, 2010 at 4:48 PM , Blogger xXPrettyNekoXx said...

Please be joking... did you win that plushie lot within the last two weeks? Please don't let it be you!! My stupid boyfriend promised to stay up until 4am for me since I had work in the morning... I called him at 3am 'I'm just resting my eyes. You go back to sleep. It's only at $15.50 right now.' IT WAS U!!! EVIL SAKKY *sits in corner crying*

At November 12, 2010 at 5:08 PM , Blogger Sakky said...

Sorry ^___^;;;

At October 3, 2012 at 12:52 AM , Anonymous Lain said...

Hi there, my name is Lain and I have the Sailor Uranus Dream Pocket doll ^_^ please add me if your on facebook. my name is PirateKittyLain. thanks xx

At October 3, 2012 at 6:37 AM , Blogger Sakky said...

Hi Lain! congrats on your add! I typically friend people on Facebook that I already know, but feel free to subscribe to my public updates if you want to see posts about Sailormoon and toys :D


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