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Monday, June 6, 2011


I am back from Animazement and I made a lot of money selling my art at the convention so I've been on a buying spree. I'm trying to be selective about what I get, even though people like Ochi don't believe I'm capable of such a challenging task! :P I wanted to save up for something awesome and cool like a lip rod or something, but I'm also impatient and there are a lot of things on my wish list that I'd like to get more than some of the big ticket items.

Wish list is here.

So far I am waiting for the following to arrive:
- a ton of books from the aforementioned Ochibawolf (she doesn't complain when I'm indiscriminately buying from HER)
- a PGSM Beauty Nail Set (I caved and spent $50 on it inc. shipping. Ugh it's the last one I don't have and I really wanted it >_>)
- SMR Excellent Sailor Venus and Jupiter (bought Venus in a private sale and Jupiter was won in an eBay auction)
- 6" Irwin 1997 Chibimoon doll (still trying to find a few of these)
- SMW Chibimoon doll (stoked about this one, I think it's the last one I need other than a DX1 set)
- Italian Luna Pen (caved and bought it after watching Ochi's review)
- SuperS Venus doll from Bandai (I think I'm going to focus on the SuperS dolls for a while since I don't really love the Beauty Change Stars ones that much...)

I've also got a lot of things I haven't taken photos of yet like the three additional 1000 edition prints I've found in the last few weeks and those tee shirts I bought a while back.

Things I bought at Animazement: Uranus & Neptune Petits, SMR Ex. Sailor Mercury, SMR Ex. Sailor Mars

Ochi is going to teach me how to use Yahoo Japan and then we're all in trouble. (This journal is very Ochi centeric, huh? You think I have a crush on her or something?)

Before I blow all the rest of my money I'd really like to get the last two Cutie Figures that I need (Mercury and Jupiter) and possibly another Dream Pocket doll (still need Eternal Sailormoon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune). There's a few ESM ones floating around but they are all like $120 and that seems too much to me. I would also really like to score a Japanese Pink Sugar Stick sooner rather than later. I think it's my last remaining wand to replace.

There is that $555 World Musical Gashapon up on eBay that I'm sure some of you have seen. I actually contacted the seller to see if they would take offers on it and they said no. Wa. I want it. >,<

For the record (because people still ask about this): I do not spend any of my "real job" paycheck on Sailormoon toys. ALL of the Sailormoon merch is paid for through commissions, merch sales and the money I make at conventions. <3

I really want to do another collection video but my camera keeps crapping out on me and now I'm running out of time with Otakon creeping up in July. I will probably end up doing a video after that.

I guess that's all from me! I am so proud of myself for being very strict and not spending money before Animazement so that I can be able to spend it all after! xD It's really fun. >_> AND NOW I HAVE A NEW MAIL MAN AND HE DOESN'T HATE ME. (yet.)

Ochi rocks. THAT IS ALL.


At August 5, 2011 at 7:58 PM , Blogger Hats said...

I stumbled upon your blog and noticed you were looking for the Sailor Stars Beauty Change dolls. I've got an Eternal Sailor Moon BC doll posted up on for sale if you're interested I'm taking offers.

At August 5, 2011 at 8:17 PM , Blogger Sakky said...

I don't have a account, so I hope you see this. :D Can you email me? Sarah at


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