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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hang In There, Sailormoon Bag!

This is a quick post to share some feedback on one of the Sailormoon products made and released by GEAnimation (AKA Great Eastern Entertainment) for the revival of the license in the US.

Item Number:     81000

(Rarity pin is an after market addition ^_~)

I bought this bag from Hot Topic almost as soon as it was available.  I needed a new bag to carry all my day-to-day crap (sketchbook, Prismacolor pencils, journal, wallet, keys, phone).  What better way to promo my absolute favorite series of all time better than toting it around on my back all day every day?  I get lots of compliments on the bag and I get to meet a lot of other fans who see it and strike up a conversation. (Shortly thereafter the more normal ones will see my Sailormoon lanyard, Sailormoon t-shirt, Sailormoon earrings, necklace and CHEST TATTOO then slowly back away...)


I was a little disappointed that the print on the bag was kind of plasticy. While the colors were bright and fun, I figured this type of material was going to crack and peel with use. It has.

It would be good if these sorts of bags were designed with the art printed into the fabric (silkscreen?) instead of adhered on top of it. At the very least, the way they did the Luna Bag is a bit better because the areas that get the most friction from use are fabric instead of the print so it would probably hold up better (at least visually). Hopefully the fabric on that one is also sturdy enough to take a bit of a beating.

The other trouble I'm having with this bag is that the sides near the top are tearing. I'm slick with a needle and thread so I can patch this up before it becomes a pile of pencils on the pavement, but some less seamstressy fan might be disheartened by this.

That is the side where I grab the strings and sling it over my shoulder 5 or 6 times a day. The other side is holding together a little bit better. You can see where they've tried to reinforce it. A little more reinforcement might be needed!  Even though I don't sling this side, I think it's starting to come apart, too.
That being said, the most important part of the bag for not losing all your stuff (the bottom) has held up really well (even though I STUFF THIS THING FULL OF ART SUPPLIES AND TOYS AND FOOD AND EVERYTHING ELSE I NEED).   So, I'm grateful for that!

Even with the few complaints I have about the design, this bag is pretty kick ass.  I use it every single day and if they came out with more bags in this style I'd probably be pretty tempted to get a few more.  (To be honest, the black back side really SUCKS when I'm trying to find something in the bag - it's just so DARK in there. Something lighter would get dirtier but at least I'd be less likely to take an X-ACTO blade to the thumb! ><)

I hope GE keeps up the good work with being awesome about listening to what fans want and doing their best to make stuff we like. Be sure to check them out on Facebook or Twitter. They're definitely doing the so-mo thing right. In the name of the Moon, thanks GE!


At August 24, 2012 at 5:09 AM , Anonymous Sailor_Samara said...

Really like your review. Hope to see more GE reviews of course :)


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