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Friday, October 24, 2008

Online Collection & Bootleg!

Collection is now online on DA. Everything is in a scrap gallery with the exception of my DevID which is my shelves. I totally do NOT have enough stuff. :P Everything is sorted by category, more or less. I will be adding stuff as I buy it! I also started a wish list which really is a WISH list since I will never own all that stuff. T_T

I found another Infinity Vol on eBay but I am pretty sure its a bootleg. There's only three hours left and it's only just over $100. There's not a photo of the semi transparent page AND the writing on the front doesn't seem to be metallic. No bid from me. Like Lori said, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. I feel bad for whoever spends that much money on a bootleg though...

Other stuff I am watching:
This cute bag, because its cute :3 This awesome Jupiter plushie because I don't have any of her; as well as this one because wow, in a box. This killer Bandai Jupiter doll, which I really want but it will probably go up too high. This really cute Jupiter Sailormoon World doll which I would buy right now if I had the money. This Sailor Uranus plush, because the SAME one was $40 at Otakon and it was BROKEN so I think this is pretty friggin' sweet IN the box.

If I had the money I'd buy all of that. Unfortunately, I am waiting for a few people to pay me for commissions and no one's getting new ones so I'm SOoL. :P

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Toys

I just spent like $120 in Sailor Moon toys. ^_^; I finally got my grubby little paws on a Sailor Luna doll, this one. Mine has a box! YEY! Now I feel fulfilled! Much thanks to Lily who helped me with bidding while I was traveling! :3

I also bought another 1000 Edition poster. Now that I know what they are, I'm kind of determined to get more of them. They are really pretty. Once this one arrives, I will have three framed ones for my office. I am watching another on eBay.

I also bought a Chibimoon wand and brooch. I have a broken Chibimoon wand that I bought at a dollar store because I felt bad for it. :P I keep saying I am going to restore it sometime, but I most likely won't get around to it.

Other stuff I'm watching on eBay but can't afford because I just spent all my money:
This Black Lady doll - it's not my favorite style, but I don't have any villain dolls and she's in her box.
This Sailor Uranus plushie - is a bit expensive, but it's something I've only seen once before and this one even has a box. It's probably worth the asking price, though I'd make a lower best offer for it. I'd love to have some outer plushies!
This adorable Tuxy plushie - 'nuff said
This Jupiter plushie - I can't believe these all have thier boxes! :O I don't think I have any Jupiter plushies, so I'd lean towards this one if I had the cash.
This cute Eternal Moon bag - because, yey $4

The Materitals Collection has popped up a few more times, but people are asking too much for it. It's been selling around $120-175 so I don't know where people get off posting a BIN for $250. >_> Whatever. I'm still working on replacing my bootlegged artbooks T_T

I started a DA gallery for my collection: SakkysMoonBag
Not everything is up yet. All the stuff is going in folders in scraps because, really, this type of thing isn't want DA is for... but it's so easy. ^^;

That's all for now. Off to DA for watch thanks on the stock account!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Best Cosplay Prop EVA

Thanks to my friend Justine, I have now been informed that you can order a portable black rotary phone with an internal cellular module. Yes, my friends. You can now own your very own direct line to Shadow Galactica.

Is this an Iron Mouse cosplay wet dream, or what?! :D