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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things for Sale+ Collection Updates

I have a few items for sale on my DeviantArt collection page including a Chibimoon keychain, some VHS, and a few gashapon (Rei is the only one that's not a bootleg).

I am also selling the originals of three of my "Sailor Legs" illustrations. They are $20 ea. and come matted. You can see them here. (Chibimoon and Saturn is on hold right now; more of these might be available soon I just need more mats.)

Anyone know the going value of a OOB PGSM Sailor Moon with wand and stand? I'm debating selling her but I'm not sure yet. T_T

I am waiting for the following items to come in the mail:
- PGSM Talking Luna
- Luna Pen (European version)
- 6" World dolls (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)
- Luna P Sphere
- SMS Uranus Plush
- Meet Sailor Mercury
- a Sailormoon pillowcase
- 11.5" Irwin Venus in box
- DiC Pluto key chain (with no key chain bit and no packaging xD)

As I was typing this list, PGSM Luna and my Luna Pen arrived! JOY! ^0^ OMG wow talking Luna is so cute. She keeps asking me if I'm the Princess. :3 Does anyone know what kind of battery I should use in the Luna Pen? It says 1.5v. Is that the same as a AAA or is it a special kind of battery? YAY TOYS!

The mail man hates me - actually. He's always complaining about the number of packages I get. D: I'm sorry that you you have to carry plastic toys that weigh almost nothing from your mail truck to my office. I don't know, I thought it might be YOUR JOB, but maybe I'm wrong. D:


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This blog has moved

Blogger changed stuff so I had to migrate my blog! It was relatively painless and I think I will be able to keep using Blogger so yay :D

This blog is now located at
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sailor Moon Bootleg Gashapon + HGIF Figures!

I've had a ton of bootleg gashapon. Most of the ones on eBay are bootlegs. How can you tell a real gashapon? First of all, if it's $0.99 for a whole set, then it's probably not real. All the Set #1 figures have imprinted marks on them that say "© T.P.TA.T" followed by four dots in a diamond shape, followed by: "B. CHINA"

Bootlegs are either missing PART of this, or all of it. I have some bootlegs that have the four dots and the "CHINA" but no "© T.P.TA.T" and no "B." I have some bootlegs that have nothing at all. NONE of my bootlegs have ever had all the required markings!

The most noticeable things to look for are:
  • have you seen that SAME photo of that same set 100x on eBay? If so, it's probably a bootleg set
  • does it have THE WHOLE copyright? If not, it's surely a bootleg
  • Is it a KEYCHAIN!? Most of the world gashapon that are keychains are bootlegs (I have yet to see a licensed gashapon as a keychain)
  • deformed body parts (should the leg go straight but it curves? Should the arm be at one angle but it's at another? Yes, not all real gashapon are perfect but if it's WAY off then it's most likely a bootleg!)
  • the EYES. Real gashapon have nicely painted eyes and details that you won't find on the bootlegs, The bootleg eyes are poorly painted and smudgy.
  • Other paint issues! Gashapon are tiny so the painting on them can be spotty even if they are real. However, the bootlegs are noticeably worse sometimes missing paint on key elements of the outfit.
Of course, in most pictures you won't be able to see these kind of details. But don't be afraid to ASK sellers, "Does this figure have these markings?" If they are too busy to look or answer then they probably aren't worth buying from anyway :P  Please note, it IS possible for a bootleg to have all the markings. In that case, you will have to rely on the paint quality (which is sometimes spotty even on real figures) and the position of the limbs (which also can be a little wonky on real ones, unfortunately).


Set #2 Gashapon have markings on the underside of a foot, back of collar and under the butt bows. (Big thanks to xdarkdestinyx for pointing out the ones I missed!) They are as follows:
Super Moon - 1R under foot, full copyright on collar and skirt
Chibimoon w/Luna - 2R under foot, © T.P.TA.T on back of collar and B. China on back of pigtail (no marking for Luna, can't find the four dots on her but they could be under her bow - mine is glued)
Pluto - 3R, full copyright on collar and under back bow
Uranus - 4R, full copyright on collar and under back bow
Neptune - 5R, full copyright on collar and under back bow
Saturn - 6R, full copyright on collar and under back bow

Set #3 Gashapon are marked as following:
Princess Serenity - full copyright on underside of stand
Sailor V - full copyright on sailor collar and under hair, also feet say 5L and 5R
Ami in Swimsuit - full copyright under towel
Miko Rei - full copyright under hair
Makoto with Bento - full copyright on the bottom side of the figure
Mistress 9 - full copyright on underside of figure

Set #4 Gashapon are marked as following:
Supermoon - full copyright on collar and skirt
Super Chibimoon w/Artemis - full copyright on collar and skirt on Chibimoon (no marking on Artemis)
Hotaru - full copyright on underside of stand
Minako in Swimsuit - full copyright on the bottom side of the legs
Makoto in Swimsuit - full copyright on underside of stand
Human Luna - full copyright on the bottom side of the figure

Set #5 Gashapon are marked as following:
Eternal Moon - full copyright on inside of legs
Usagi with Icecream - full copyright on underside of base
Uasgi in Swimsuit - full copyright on the underside of pigtails
Rei in swimsuit - full copyright under hair
Ami in Pajamas - full copyright on underside of base
Chibiusa/Hotaru Chibi Set - full copyright on underside of base

Set #1 and Set #5 are the most frequently bootlegged sets.
I have never seen a bootleg from Set #2, Set #3, or Set #4.

If you want to know more specific locations or details for markings on a particular figure, feel free to ask

APRIL 2014 Update! HGIF 20th Anniversary Set

They aren't Sailor Moon World, but the HGIF 20th Anniversary Gashapon do have markings to help you if you are suspicious of a bootleg. Here's some details, pics to come soon:
1) Each HGIF figure comes with a white, hexagonal stand.  The copyright info "© T · P · T" appears on the underside of the base, followed by a series of numbers on the next line, then"B. China" and the four dots in a diamond formation seen on the previous figures.
2) Each base has a number on the bottom that corresponds it to which sailor it belongs. 1 = Sailor Moon, 2 = Sailor Mercury, 3 = Sailor Mars, 4 = Sailor Jupiter, and 5 = Sailor Venus.
3) The stands have clear pegs that go up from the base and little clear cut out parts that attach to them to help support each character's legs. The pegs and support parts are imprinted with the number that corresponds to each sailor. 
4) Each figure has a bit that comes out the torso and inserts into the legs with the skirt between. The bit that sticks out of the torso is marked with the number for the sailor. It's a big hard to see on some of them, most obvious on Mercury. Some are on the front, and some on the back. Some of the legs are marked, too. I didn't see marking inside Mars' legs and Moon's might be there but it's a 1 so it's a little hard to discern from just lines in the mold.
5) Most parts that attache to the sailor will have a number on it. For example, Venus' left arm says "5L" on the part that inserts into the torso. Her right arm says "5R" on the part that inserts on the other side.
6) Some small parts like Moon's pigtails don't appear to be completely marked.
7) Mercury and Moon both have blue skirts so their skirts are marked with 2 and 1 respectively; the other sailors don't have markings under the skirt.