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Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally! Artbook III

I finally got it: Sailormoon Artbook Vol III

I hope it's real, I really do. T____T

I also put a bid on this one, but that auction has like 8 days left so I am sure someone will out bid me. At least, I hope they do! :O All though having two sure is better than having none :)

I've been staying off eBay because I haven't been taking commissions for a while and I don't have the money to blow. However, someone recently gave me some Sailormoon stuff in exchange for art so I was able to sell that stuff to buy the book. The other item I've been watching for months is the Chibimoon Petite which I still plan to buy...eventually, when I can commit to the $10. u_u

I have to take a new photo of the collection because I've gotten a few things since the last photo. I'm having trouble because that room is an absolute disaster right now as it's doubling as an art studio. I have a fine art show in June so once that's up I can start taking commissions again and buying more stuff.

I think I am going to start focusing on the wands and toys now. I'd like to save up and get some of the really high end priced items. It's always good to have a goal because then you can focus on saving up for that special item. So, starting in June, my target items will be:

Materials Collection - It's poped up TWICE since I've been broke, gosh that makes me mad.
A Sailor Jupiter plushie - any really, since I don't have any of her.
Star Henshin Wand - because yes, it's pricy
Crystal Star Locket - Since I've always really wanted it, but it comes up so rarely I'm not optimistic
Disguise Pen - Because I think it's one of the coolest toys

Is it horrible of me to think things like, "I'm glad there is a recession because the Sailormoon toys are cheaper and more people are willing to sell them"? I feel like an opportunist. But really I'm just an obsessive freak :D

Incidentally, if anyone has the PGSM Jupiter purse: I want it real bad. D:<

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