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Monday, June 8, 2009

It came! It came! My last Artbook!

OMG There it was!!! On my porch when I got home!! AN ENVELOPE FROM GERMANY! AHHHHH!!! 2 months and IT FINALLY CAME!! My Artbook III! <33333333


Mission: Replace All Bootleg Artbooks is COMPLETE!!!! *dance*

I think I've recently discovered a few of my gashapon are actually bootlegs. Can people who know they have real ones tell me if there are copyright markings on them, and where they are? I have the kneeling Eternal Sailormoon with wings, the Rei in a bathing suit, and the Usagi in a bathing suit.

I probably won't be able to buy much of anything for the next few months since I still have to pay back the $200-some-odd I spent at Animazement. *hides*