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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Found it on eBay!

I've been staying off eBay for a while because I've been pretty broke. But the other day I ventured back on again!! Here's some of the stuff I'm watching right now:

A Blue Box 17" Mercury - I really do want to get all of these. Right now I only have Moon so this is pretty tempting. But I have a bid on something so I can't swing this now. I'm hoping it might get relisted...
This Stallion Reve - I'm watching mostly to see how high it goes. Call it morbid curiosity! I'd like to know what it sells for in a real auction to have a better idea of what I'd be willing to pay when I do actually try to find one for me
StarFighter Doll - I have this already, I'm just waiting to see if anyone's actually going to pay that much for it. I got mine for $48
PGSM Venus - I have her, but not in the box. And I have the other inners in the box so it would be nice to have Venus too... but I've got money tied up elsewhere so I'm hoping for a relist, again. :P
Mars Petite - I also have this already but not with the Mars card.
Super Moon Gashapon - one of a few that I don't have T_T
Super Chibi Moon Gashapon - another of the few I don't have D:
This wicked cute Serenity plushie - really? That's too friggin' cute!
This pink fabric - Does anyone have a small swimsuit pattern? ^___^;
Another Infinity Volume - in case I happen to come across $500 somewhere to offer...

That's it for now. The item I have a bid in on is at $70. I am not going to bid again if someone out bid's me. In some ways, I'm hoping someone does because I've realized there are other things I think I want more. D: However, since 'un-bidding' is SUCH a pet peeve of mine, I refuse to do it!