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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More fun things on eBay

Holy Effing Goddess Almighty.

This is insane. I want it. But not for that much! DAMN. T_T

More awesome stuff that I cannot afford at this time:
  • This beautiful Saturn doll - I have no idea if it's worth what they are asking, and I wouldn't pay it if I had it, but she sure is pretty. :3
  • Sailor Yell - get it here or here, but if you are smart you will go for the first one ;P
  • The Bandai Musical DX Collection - in the box, in all its glory
  • This totally hot Crystal Star - in the box even. My gods, it's pretty *_*
  • Drooooool - *reach, reach, fail* T_T
  • Eternal Tier - Out of the box. I think that's asking too much, imho. >_> *grumbles because she can't have it anyway*

Stuff I'm actually considering buying/bidding for:
  • Still watching this Chibi Moon Petit in case it gets relisted.
  • I have inquiries here and here about photos of the semi-transparent sheet. I am also asking for a photo of the back lower left corner of the book. Obviously the first one is a better deal if it's legit. I still have to replace III and IV. *cries*
  • This very pretty Eternal Sailor Moon, with box. Leaning heavily to this one right now.
  • The PGSM bracelet set. Mostly just because I've always wanted it.
  • Three outer senshi dolls, but I'm mostly interested in the Sailor Team Neptune and Uranus.
  • I do not own the Moon Kaleidoscope yet...
  • Cute first season brooch that works.
  • This Esmeraude doll, just cause ;P
  • I've never seen this Pegasus figure before... Anyone know anything about it? Is it really worth that much??
  • Another PGSM item I always wanted it the phone set.
  • This more reasonably priced Sailor Yell is a serious consideration for me. Most of my toys are out of boxes already and this is a pretty rare item. *ponders*
  • A Star Healer Petit. I should try to get all of these eventually...
  • I don't think I could spend $100 on it, but I would like to own the PGSM tamborine toy someday.
If I had priorities, maybe I could figure out which one of those I want. <_< I will probably decide as they come close to ending. But I'm thinking of doing a big ticket item this time around. Do you guys have any opinions? ^_^; That Eternal Moon Doll is really pretty. The Sailor Yell is also VERY tempting. Of course, I will get the Vol I if it comes back legit. Replacing my bootlegs is a priority now.

There are a lot of cards up right now, if anyone's into them. Personally, I haven't gotten excited about the cards, but there might come a day.

I posted two new things in the DA gallery today, just two more Petits. I have a new 1000 Edition poster to show you too, but the damn frames are out of stock at ACMoore, so it will have to wait. ;P