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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Buyer Beware: Scathing Seller!

For any one of my friends who also collects SM items: please beware of a seller on craiglist who is offering some rare Sailor Moon items including a S star wand. I can't seem to find the craigslist page right now, but the email address of the seller is Rich Roth and the email address he used is He claims to be selling the items for his daughter.

This individual is intensely rude and absolutely terrible to communicate with. When I contacted him about prices for the items, he asked me to make an offer. When I made an offer he flipped out at me, screaming in caps lock and insulting me because my offer was too low. Clearly, asking me to make an offer means you are willing to negotiate. Flipping out and screaming at me is one way to lose business.

So buyer beware, this person is trying to scam people out of money and has absolutely no sense of business skill. Seller claims to be 62 years old but told me to "go f*** myself." (without the stars, and in caps)

They wanted $650 or more for a Star Transformation Wand MIB. Seriously. It is not worth that.

Just a fair warning in case you happen to come across this person. It's really a shame since they have some great items to sell. ^_^;

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Stuff and More eBay

I bought a boxload of stuff from a nice girl named Holly on Facebook. She sold me a set of five Irwin light up dolls, you know the ones with the ugly faces and gold trimmed skirts? I love the outfits and they fact that they light up, even if Irwin's early dolls had really ugly faces. I will get pics of them tomorrow hopefully.

I also go the entire Japanese manga from her, which is basically amazing since I never thought I'd be able to get it all at once, especially for such an amazingly almost obscene low price of $75. (all though, of course today I see it on eBay for $60, BUT WITH $40 SHIPPING WTF?! I guess I win.) I asked her repeatedly if she was *sure* since I know she could probably have gotten a lot more for it in a bidding war.

I also got some gashapon from her that need to be cleaned up. One of them has a bit of a broken leg that needs to be glued back on, and I also have a Chibi Moon doll duplicate now. I have a few other things I will be putting up on eBay soon.

A friend of mine who works at a library gave me a few copies of Newtype magazine from 2002 in Japanese that she had lying around and GUESS WHAT?! There was totally a centerfold Sailor Moon poster! I geeked out.

I am still waiting for some items to come from my friend for an art trade we did a while back, and I also am still waiting for my English manga to be returned to me. Patience is a virtue. I don't have it! :D

I probably won't be buying too much anytime soon since I really need to save up for Animazement. I am going to get some English dubbed DVDs of the first season for my 6-year-old sister so she can watch them. She recently spent a night at my house where I dressed her up in my Sailor Astera costume and she created her own otaku senshi, Star Sailor Moon. She actually refers to BSSM as "Star Sailor Moon" though I am not sure why. ^_^;

As I'm typing how I'm not going to spend any money on SM stuff, I find the Vinyl Sailor Star Maker doll that I am missing. T_T Nyah, I bought it. ^^;

Okay here's all the stuff I am NOT going to buy that's ending soonish:
The Materials Collection - starting at $200.
SailorPrincess - what the crap is this?
Diana Plushie - this is the same wicked cute one that I have.
My Dear Friend - isn't this person basically saying "this is a bootleg" in their description?
The Japanese Manga Re-Release - full set
WTF is this?? - seriously O_o
Cute Mini Mood Rod assembly kit - looks fun :3
Is this person serious? - $144 for 12 keychains?
Artbook 5 - Looks legit :D Starts at $20
Irwin dolls - If I break down and buy anything it will be this. I need to replace my Venus and Mercury and tada, there they are. If it stays kind of low I will proabably bid.

Incidentally, does anyone buy cells? I've never gotten into that because 1) it can be very expensive and 2) I don't think I know enough about them to avoid being scammed. T_T

Okay that's all for now :D